Budget Hawks was started in 2015 by  Tallahassee taxpayers who were shocked when the city of Tallahassee proposed raising the city portion of property taxes a whopping 27% without demonstrating that a thorough review of spending practices had taken place.

After the mobilization of citizen volunteers by Budget Hawks to fight the tax hike, help from other citizen groups like the Citizens for Responsible Spending, the early reporting of Steve Stewart of the Tallahassee Reports and on air radio personality Preston Scott of WTAL, and the excellent analysis by the Tallahassee Democrat, the Tallahassee City Commission reluctantly lowered the tax hike to a half mill or a 13% increase not counting the additional increase in property taxes due to the increase in property values, and a 25% increase in the fire service fee.

Now, the budget process has begun  for the 2016-2017 city of Tallahassee budget. Budget Hawks has asked city commissioners to consider rolling back the property tax hike to 3.7 mills, but has been met with silence from commissioners. Only Commissioner Scott Maddox opposed the tax hike last year from start to finish. Thank you Commissioner Maddox. One budget workshop has been held.  The next workshop is scheduled for May 11th at 1 pm at city hall.

Join Budget Hawks and help us make a difference.