June 24, 2016


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Budget Hawks Urges City Commission To Approve Business Tax Cut

The Budget Hawks, a fiscally conservative citizens group vigorously fighting for the repeal of last year’s city property tax hike, issued a press release today urging city commissioners to grant a request  from the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce to eliminate the city business tax.

“Eliminating approximately $2,000,000 in business fees would be a financial shot in the arm for businesses that are still struggling to recover from the national recession,” said commercial real estate developer and Budget Hawk Russell Price. “Commercial real estate construction, for example, is doing well in some areas of Tallahassee, but according to commercial permit activity, is still lagging far behind prior years.”

Former chamber of commerce chairman and Budget Hawk Brent Pichard added, “We are elated that the chamber has joined the movement for tax relief.  The chamber brings tremendous political influence to help convince local government to make Tallahassee a more pro-business city.”

“Budget Hawks will continue fighting for a repeal of last year’s 13.5% city property tax hike and for more transparency in the city budget debate.  Cutting property taxes will benefit all taxpayers, including young families and the elderly on fixed income.  A repeal of the business tax will be a good down payment in the effort to return tax dollars back to taxpayers’ pockets,” former mayor and Budget Hawk Penny Herman promised. She continued, “Cutting taxes and fees will only happen when city commissioners begin to put the brakes on the rate of city spending that has far outpaced the value of real estate, population growth, and wage growth in Tallahassee.’’